AGENCY SERVICES are anything and everything that a yacht will need during its travels whether it is something tangible and can be delivered to the yacht or just assistance with a problem that the Captain or Owner is having.

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Our range of services

As we are ever aware of rising complexities in proper servicing why not talk to our people for a complete package or for one or more items from our range of services:

    • Port & Marina Bookings
    • Full Management
    • Yacht Administration & Accounting
    • Crew Management – full or partial crew
    • Yacht Financing
    • New-building Contracting & Supervision
    • Chartering and Yacht Operations
      • World-wide Yacht Transportation
      • Dry Docking & Ship Yard Repairs
      • Crewing
      • Underwater Inspections, Underwater Cleaning and Underwater Repairs
    • Technical & Management Quality & Safety Consultancy
    • Repairs and Dry Docking
    • Underwater Inspections
    • Storing & Contracting
    • Complete Insurance Service for H&M, including claims Handling
    • Telecommunications
    • Accounting Services
    • Custom Clearance
    • Provisions
    • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
    • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
    • Cell Phones
    • Banking & Office Services
    • Courier Services
    • Repairs & Maintenance of Sewage & Bilges
      • Finest Wines, Champagnes, Spirits & Cigars
      • Flower Arrangements
      • Weapons Declarations

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