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The installation of the propulsion system will be done in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, both of the engines and of the Arneson Surface Drive System.

Main Engines

Two MTU marine diesel propulsion engines, model 16V 2000 M91 each rated at 1471 kW (2000 HP) at 2350 rpm @ 25°C.
The engine manufacturer’s delivery shall include:

  • PTO for Bow Propeller pumps. One for each engine.

Reduction gears

Two flanged-on reduction gears ZF model BW 2555, with a reduction 2.333:1.

The engine manufacturer’s delivery shall include:

  • As per MTU supply order.
  • PTO for Arneson pumps. One for each gearbox.

Flexible Coupling Shaft

Between each ARNESON SURFACE DRIVE Sys. and the output flange of the gearbox, a flexible coupling shaft d by Rubber Design.

Drive System

Two ARNESON SURFACE DRIVE ASD 15 B1 LU connected to the output flange of the coupling system supplied by Rubber Design.

At the end of each ARNESON SURFACE DRIVE a Surface Propeller supplied by ROLLA RSP.


Two Kohler, model 20 EFOZ marine generator sets 20 kW, 220 VAC, 50 Hz ( 24kW 120/240V @ 60Hz)

The generator manufacturer’s delivery shall include:

  • As per standard supply from KOHLER:
  • Sound Shield
  • Aluminium skid with drip pan

All pipe connections are to be in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.


  • Length over all: 82.25 feet / 25.07 metres
  • Length on waterline: 67.15 feet / 20.47 metres
  • Beam: 19.35 feet / 5.9 metres
  • Draft: 3.6 feet / 1.1 metres
  • Displacement at half load conditions: 110.200 lbs / 51 tons
  • Displacement at full load conditions: 116.852 lbs / 54 tons

Tank capacities

  • Fuel oil 1585 US gallons: 6.000 litres
  • Fresh water 343.5 US gallons: 1.300 litres
  • Grey water 153 US gallons: 580 litres
  • Black water 206 US gallons: 780 litres


  • Top speed at half load (50% fuel and water): 42 knots
  • Cruising speed at half load: 38 knots
  • Range at economical cruising speed with one generator running at all times: 320 nautical miles

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